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Live On-line Academic Instruction

  • Basic math & language arts skills for primary & secondary school students
  • Math: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and core grade level math skills
  • Language Arts: reading comprehension, reading fluency and writing

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Our sole objective is to build the confidence your student needs to achieve their personal and educational goals.

They’re not alone

If your student struggles with the basics and leaves each class and homework session more frustrated and discouraged than the one before, they’re not alone.

Across subject areas, each lesson builds on previously acquired skills making it impossible to make progress with new concepts until those skills are mastered.

That’s where Abacus Learning comes in…

Our instructors are credentialed teachers and we know what a challenge it can be for students to develop the skills needed to be successful in their school’s curriculum. Mastering the skills needed to be successful is hard work and takes commitment on the part of the student, the parent and the teacher. If you and your student are ready, so are we!

Abacus Learning combines the best of modern technology via live, on-line classes with traditional pencil and paper independent practice. By incorporating auditory, visual and tactile input into each session, students make connections.



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Middle School


High School

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If you and your student(s) are ready,
so are we!

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