Primary – Elementary School 

Elementary School Aged Students (grades 2-5)

Many elementary school students in Independent Study/Home School settings struggle with basic academic tasks. Some students lack the skills altogether, while some have difficulty applying the skills they have mastered to their school work. The reading comprehension, written expression and math classes offered to our elementary school students target basic skills in these core areas and are specially designed for the home school schedule with the 20-25 minute classes starting at 8:20 in the morning Monday – Thursday. See the schedule here.

Classes are live with a qualified instructor who your student will see and hear on their computer or tablet screen in real time. Each class is dependent on seeing, hearing and, most importantly, doing. They are meant to serve as both an amazing way to “warm-up” your student’s brain AND advance their academic skills through repetition and focused instruction toward meeting you and your student’s academic goals. Contact us here for scheduling details.



As you review our class offerings, please note that we deliberately avoid attaching grade levels to our class titles. Many students are highly conscious of being in classes that are designated as being below their grade level which is a legitimate concern. For example, being a proud 6th grader and being in a 3rd grade math class could have a negative impact on the student’s morale, self-esteem and make a bad situation worse.

Also note that, while the students can see and hear their instructor, they have the option of being seen by the other students. So, if our proud 6th grader feels that adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators is “below” him or her and feels embarrassed about being seen in a remedial class, they have the option of having their camera off.

Free Academic Support!

Everybody knows that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but, for many home school students in California there is such a thing as FREE academic support!

If you attend a home school/independent study charter school in the state of California, your school may provide you with a Learning Fund to pay for enrichment classes and courses. From horseback riding and piano lessons to the academic support Abacus Learning offers, your fund can be spent any way you want with the vendors your school has approved.

Don’t see us on your school’s vendor list? No problem. Contact your school and submit a request to have us added!


If you and your student(s) are ready,
so are we!