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See and Hear Your Instructor

During the instructional portion of the class, a credentialed teacher will present, explain and demonstrate a variety of academic skills live, in real time. Unlike some on-line tutorials, each class features live audio/video so your learner is able to see and hear their instructor as they teach.

Classes are designed and priced to be done multiple times a week toward mastery through the use of research and evidence based curriculum, thoughtfully designed instruction and repetition. Each math and language arts class repeats the same skills using different academic tasks giving the instructors the opportunity to teach the skill from different angles (no math pun intended) providing the best of differentiated instruction.

As previous concepts are repeated, new ones are slowly introduced to help your student build their skill set. Our sole objective is to build the confidence your student needs to achieve their personal and educational goals.


 Unique to Abacus Learning’s teaching model is breaking our curriculum into 3 discrete instructional levels, or tiers. Over 90% of students who struggle with the basics of reading, writing and math are shown to benefit from this focused approach. 

Large Group – Tier I classes are live with a dozen or more students and last for 20-25 minutes. This tier is based on instruction, repetition and practice with skills being taught and reviewed each session and should be attended 4 times a week for maximum benefit.
Cost: $51.80/month 

Small Group – Tier II classes are live with a small group and last 50-60 minutes. Group sizes vary from 3-5 students allowing the instructor to interact on a more personal level with each student. This also allows for more time on guided practice and answering their questions and should be attended once or twice a week.
Cost per class: $34.63

One-on-One – Tier III classes are live with your student working 1:1 with their instructor. Classes are 50-60 minutes long and are highly personalized with the curriculum being tailored to your student’s individual educational needs. We recommend regularly attending these classes once or twice a week.

Cost per class: $67.25

Which one is the best fit for my student?

The class that is the best fit for your student is the one that provides them with the most educational benefit. It should be challenging and require them to focus and put forth effort, but it should not be so hard that they get discouraged and want to quit. The best fit for your student may or may not be the class that corresponds to their grade level. They may be working above or below grade level.

Where do I start?
At this time, Abacus Learning does not conduct formal assessments to determine the performance level of our students. To get a feel for where your student will gain the most benefit, we ask that you start with your choice of Tier I classes (primary or secondary grade levels). Attend that class 2-4 times to get a feel for the material and if the class is too high or too low, then try the class that is above or below it.

** Tier I pricing is designed to give families the flexibility to try the different class levels without “breaking the bank.” **

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If you and your student(s) are ready,
so are we!

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